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The wait is finally over for the people of Lahore. Sapphire Properties brings the news that everyone in Lahore has been anxiously waiting for quite some time now. Blue World City has announced to launch of a new block with the name Smart City Block in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore. This joint venture project is between two real-estate tycoons of Pakistan, Blue World City and Blue Group of Companies. The announcement itself created a huge buzz among the real estate investors as this new block was announced in the presence of Sheikh Noori Muhammad Ahmed Ali (Custodian of Keys of Roza-e-Rasool ﷺ).  Though everyone was waiting for the news, it still set the right tone for the whole event. Mr. Saad Nazir (Chairman of Blue Group of Companies and Blue World City), Mr. Burair Nazir (Owner Blue World Trade Center), and Mr. Hamza Amir (Director Blue World City) announced the launch of this amazing block. They brought forward the news of this lavish jousting project Smart City Canal Road Lahore.

You will think, and this project has it. There are many exciting things for everyone. Smart City Block in Blue Town Sapphire Housing scheme Lahore will be the epitome of excellence. It will fulfill every dream of people seeking residence marvel. Smart City block in Lahore will have many investment opportunities for both looking to invest in residential and commercial property. The investment in this block will bring the highest return, too, as authorities have declared Smart City Block Canal Road LDA approved.

Smart City Owners & Developers

Like everything else, Blue World City management has spared no expense in providing the best of everything to the people of Lahore. That is why they brought foreign town planners and architects to build this housing society. It’s difficult to say at this point of time, as its initial phase but looking at their previous record, one thing is certain, profit is a sure thing. Smart City Block Map has provided many answers to the questions. The location of this magnificent block has been chosen, keeping in mind the future prospect. We will explore this further in the next sections.

About Blue World City

From choosing world-famous celebrities as brand ambassadors to housing world record replicas of modern world wonders, Blue World City has been doing everything to make this project Pakistan’s first and finest purpose-built city. There are no doubts about the success of this project. If you were to search the list of real estate companies in Lahore or Islamabad, you would find the Blue Group of Companies at the top because of the in-depth town planning and smart infrastructure. Blue World City will be a sanctuary for domestic and international travelers, with attractions such as the Burj Al Arab, a replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, the world’s tallest Horse Mascots, Rumi Square, and a world-class Water Theme Park, all housed in a secure and safe gated neighborhood with a hilltop 5-star hotel. The project’s incorporation of the Blue World Economic Zone makes it a perfect location for international and domestic traders and business people to conduct their operations besides the CPEC route.

This is the reason for the BGC group’s huge success in handling the projects. And if you research the opportunities for investment in Pakistan 2022you will see all those investors trust projects with the Blue Tag the most.

Smart City Canal Road Lahore Location Map

Smart City Block in Blue Town Sapphire Housing Scheme Canal Road Lahore is being built in the spirit of technological advancement and smart infrastructure. Smart Block is a wonderfully planned housing complex equipped with the most up-to-date communication and technology systems for enhanced surveillance, security, and services, as well as increased community response for effective administration. As we have told you earlier, this project won’t only provide the latest technology in the construction sector, but its location will allow it to be among the most sought-after destinations in Lahore. Due to its proximity to Zaitoon City and Bahria Town, Smart City block on Canal Road Lahore will be an ideal place for investment, keeping in mind the future prospects of the location.

After a lot of thinking, the management has chosen Smart City Block Lahore project location because they wanted to do everything precisely. In 5-10 years, the Canal Road Lahore will be the Real Estate hub of Pakistan. DHA, Zaitoon, and other outstanding projects are in the pipeline for development, and many more are in the final stages of approval. Believe us when we tell you that this will be the place to invest in coming times. The earlier, the better. Sapphire Properties has always brought the safest and surest ways of investment to our clients.

Smart City NOC

Smart City Block in Blue Town Sapphire  Housing scheme Lahore is a completely legal project from every aspect. Lahore Development Authority has declared Smart City Block LDA Approved. This prospect has made Smart City an ideal choice for investment and residence.

Master Plan of Smart City Canal Road Lahore

The town planners have done a fantastic job planning Smart City Block along Canal Road Lahore. They have ideally planned everything according to the map. They have ideally put everything it needs to be to provide maximum comfort and convenience to residents. There will be a lot of investment options for residential investors and commercial investors in Smart City Block in Lahore. Residential options are available from 3 Marla – to 20 Marla. Commercial options in smart city Lahore are available from 3 Marla – to 8 Marla. Whether you invest in Smart City Block residential plots or commercial plots, profits are guaranteed.

Smart City Block Payment Plan 2022

There are many properties for sale in Smart City Block, both residential and commercial. Let’s take a look at the payment plan of Smart City Block 2022 to see where should you invest according to your investment for maximum returns.

Residential Investment Options in Smart City Block

Sapphire Properties are working closely with the management of Blue World City and bringing the latest development updates to its clients. We have Smart City Block updated rates, which will help you in making the right decision to invest in this marvelous housing project.

  • 3 Marla

The total land cost of 3 Marla of smart city residential plot is 1,995,000/-. It is also available in 4-year installment plans with 40 monthly installments of 19,950/month with a 30% down payment of 299,250/-.

  • 5 Marla

The total land cost of 5 Marla residential plots in Smart city block is 3,250,000/- which is nothing as compared to the other societies in the vicinity. You can also opt for the same installment plan and pay a down payment of 487,000/- and a monthly installment of 32,500/-.

  • 8 Marla

If you are looking for a place to live, then the 8-Marla residential plot in smart city Lahore is just the property for you. You can become the owner of 8 Marla in merely PKR 5,000,000/-, or you can choose a 4-year payment plan and pay a monthly installment of 50,000/-.

  • 10 Marla

Although Smart City block payment plan 2022 has a lot of lucrative options when it comes to investment in the residential sector. But nothing beats the profit margin of the 10 Marla plot. You can get this property in Smart City for 6,000,000/-. If you are low on budget, do not worry, sapphire Properties has got your back. We have got a 4-year installment plan for you.

  • 20 Marla

20 Marla plot in Smart block in Blue Town Sapphire is a property for you if you are looking to settle here or looking to invest for profits. You can get this property for just 11,000,000/-. You can also avail of this property in Smart City with the initial deposit of 1,650,000/- and 40 installments of 110,000/- per month.

Smart City Commercial Payment Plan 2022

Commercial property has never been this cheap in Lahore. Smart City Block has put a focus on providing profit opportunities to the investors, which is why the initial amount for commercial property has kept low.

  • 3 Marla

3 Marla commercial plots in Smart City can be obtained for just PKR 6,000,000/-. Yeah, you have heard it right. But wait, let’s hear our special offer for our special clients. You can also get this property with a 900,000/- down payment and 60,000/- per month for 40 months.

  • 5 Marla

5 Marla plot in Smart City block for business purposes is available for 9,250,000/-. Or you can choose a 4-year payment plan. It’s all up to you.

  • 8 Marla

If you have PKR 13,600,000/-, then there is nothing better for you to earn profits than purchasing an 8 Marla lavish commercial plot in Smart City. To become the proud owner of this mouth-watering plot, you can also put in a down payment of 2,040,000/- and a monthly installment of 136,000/- for 40 monthly installments.

Why invest in Smart City Block Lahore?

The real question is not why. It is why not? Who would not want to invest in a project with so much potential to become the best of many? There are countless reasons for you to own space in this lavish structure. Some of the reasons are:

  • Fully Ventilated and Sanitized Close Working Space
  • State of the Art Elevators System
  • Hazards Control
  • Hotels
  • Multi-national Grocery and convenience stores
  • Outdoor Cafes
  • 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Dedicated Maintenance Management

Smart City Block in Blue Town Sapphire is all about creating a place of luxury and comfort for you. That is why they will construct many modern wonders in this project. The details of those developments will be shared with you with the passing of time. If you buy a plot in Smart City Block through Sapphire Properties, you will enjoy a special discount of 10% on your total payment, and you will also get discounts on your down payment for being a member of Sapphire Properties.

Like all of our previous projects like Zaitoon CityAl-Noor Orchard housing scheme, Marina Spots City, Blue Town Sapphire in Lahore and Blue World CityPark View City IslamabadBlue World Trade Center in Islamabad, Smart City Block will also be the safest investment opportunity for our clients

The Blue World City project provides one of the closest access locations to Islamabad and Rawalpindi while offering a peaceful, serene, and luxurious living environment that no other residential project has offered to its residents in Pakistan, and this is what makes the BWC stand out among other societies in Pakistan.

Blue World City site location is very easy to understand and reach by any person. Following is the Blue World City Google Map:

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