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Lahore Smart City (LSC) is an LDA-approved housing society located at Lahore Bypass and jointly developed by FDH along with HRL. The LSC has brought a new lifestyle to the real estate industry with all the modern facilities and amenities. The architecture level, the magnificence of a luxurious lifestyle, state-of-the-art construction, futuristic planning, smart engineering solutions, and efficient designs make it the best investment opportunity in Lahore.

20 miles of a recreational trail along eco-spine and rivers with a seamless network. 600 Kanal central park integrated with the grand mosque and financial square as a tourist destination. 20mopen space/person, including various sports, culture, community, and garden facilities. The HRL and FDHL have developed Lahore Smart City as a perfect investment opportunity.

Lahore Smart City Developers & Owners:

The Lahore Smart City Islamabad was developed by world-class Future Development Holdings PVT Ltd. (FDHL), Surbana Jurong (SJ), and Habib Rafique Pvt. Limited (HRL). The developers have previously constructed several world-class property projects all over Pakistan and abroad.

They are already well-known in the real estate industry because of their hard work and commitment to the high-quality development of infrastructure in residential societies such as DHA and Bahria Town. They have also established entire housing societies on their own, including Royal Orchard Sahiwal, Royal Orchard Sargodha, and Royal Orchard Multan.

Following are the developers of Lahore Smart City:

Surbana Jurong (SJ):

SJ has the honor of being the master planner and developer of this rare and stunning society. It is Aisa`s one of the top leading real estate consultants for the development of infrastructure. SJ is a company established in 2015 and owned by the government of Singapore.

Future Development Holdings Private Limited (FDH):

FDH is in the league of leading real estate developers. It is part of the developers for CSCI. FDH is famous for developing state-of-the-art housing societies based on international standards.

Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd (HRL):

Habib Rafique Private Limited is the symbol of excellence in the real estate development sector. HRL has covered a long way to achieve this feat of excellence with their hard and honest work. The company has set many exemplary achievements in diverse facets for more than 50 years.

There are several member companies, such as:

The developers have also taken assistance from several design consultants as follows:

The society has several development partners, such as:

The project is being marketed internationally in Italy, the USA, and the UK by well-known realtors, such as:

The Lahore Smart City is also being marketed locally by famous and expert marketing agencies, such as:

Lahore Smart City NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Lahore Smart City is already approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Yet, the LDA is to share the official approved status on its website. The approved housing societies have higher chances of development and accomplishment.

Lahore Smart City Location:

The location of Lahore Smart City is situated at Lahore Bypass. The prime location of any real estate project is crucial to its success.

The Lahore Smart City map is easily approachable from several locations.

Lahore Smart City Accessibilities:

Lahore Smart City is quite an accessible housing project.

Lahore Smart City is accessible in the following ways:

Lahore Smart City Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Lahore Smart City Master Plan:

The master plan of Lahore Smart City was planned, designed, and developed by a highly qualified team of experts. The team worked day and night to offer a complete lifestyle. The Lahore Smart comprises several districts and Blocks, such as follows:

Initially, the management decided to launch two residential areas in the society with all the modern facilities. Then the development work started in both the launched Blocks named:

Executive Block:

Executive Block is reserved for the Pakistani inhabitants who want to live the best smart life. This Block will be offering all the modern amenities and facilities. At the moment, the Executive Block is providing a range of residential plots, such as:

Overseas Block:

Overseas Block is reserved for the overseas Pakistanis who want to live the best smart life. This Block is designed and planned to meet all the requirements of people living abroad who now want to feel the same level of leisure in Pakistan. At the moment, the Overseas Block is providing a range of residential plots, such as:

The Executive Block and Overseas Block of Lahore Smart City are then further divided into several districts, such as follows:

Lahore Smart City Districts:

Following are the districts and their specific facilities are mentioned:

Lahore Smart City Executive Block:

  1. Residential Villas
  2. Residential Plots
  3. Hospitality
  4. Healthcare
  5. Education
  6. Religious
  7. Retail

Lahore Smart City Sports District:

  1. Retail
  2. Race track
  3. Cricket stadium
  4. Football stadium
  5. Food & beverage
  6. Residential apartments

Lahore Smart City Education District:

  1. Schools
  2. Colleges
  3. Universities
  4. Medical colleges
  5. Daycare centers

Lahore Smart City Theme Park:

  1. Retail
  2. Bird Park
  3. Holiday Resort
  4. Food & beverages
  5. Street food truck park

Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley:

  1. Retail
  2. IT campus
  3. Warehouse
  4. Corporate offices
  5. Residential apartments
  6. Technology operational offices

Lahore Smart City Mosques:

  1. Grand Jamia Mosques
  2. Sector Mosques

Lahore Smart City Healthcare Districts:

  1. Clinics
  2. Hospitals
  3. Laboratories

Why Smart City?

Lahore Smart City is a by-design smart in its true spirit. All the designs, planning, development, and operations. The concept of the society was made smart as it will be the only second true smart city in Pakistan after Capital Smart City in Islamabad. The state-of-the-architecture, smart facilities, and affordability make the Lahore Smart City the best investment opportunity in Lahore. The smart facilities in the society are mentioned as follows:

  • Foolproof security with CCTV integrated with facial recognition
  • Load shedding free smart and sustainable electricity system
  • Command & control system
  • Smart traffic management
  • Automated traffic control
  • Smart street lights
  • Free wifi hotspot
  • Smart parking
  • Electric bikes
  • Public parks

Pictorial Representation of Development in Progress:

Following is the Pictorial Representation of Development in Progress:

Lahore Smart City Latest News:

The Lahore smart City was officially approved by the Lahore Development Authority in February 2021. While following the vision of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, LSC will be eco-friendly and sustainable. The COO, Muhammad Aslam Malik, appreciated the associates’ seller and honorable members for continuous assistance.

There are news regarding the recent developments about Lahore Smart City. The LSC was awarded UK Business Award 2021 on 8th June 2021. The society was honored with the best developer of the year award. The management was also thankful to the UK-Pakistan business council.

Lahore Smart City Policies & Public Notices:

Several public notices were published by Lahore Smart City on different dates, such as follows:

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