Lahore Park View City


Lahore Park View City is an upcoming robust and modern real estate project. Lahore Park View City is located on the main Lahore – Multan road and lies in the proximity of DHA Lahore as well as the Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange of the Lahore – Islamabad – Multan Road interchange. The Lahore Park View City is one of the best real estate projects of the city since it already has the No Objection Certificate from the Lahore Development Authority and other relevant real estate regulators of the region. The housing society is being developed by the Vision Group of Pakistan. The Vision Group is one of the biggest real estate conglomerates of Pakistan that has developed and delivered a substantial number of real estate projects across Pakistan. The Vision Group is headed by Mr. Aleem Khan. Mr. Aleem is a renowned real estate tycoon of Pakistan, and a renowned philanthropist as well as an accomplished politician. Mr. Aleem Khan was elected to Punjab’s legislature as an MPA in the general elections of 2018 and currently holds important ministerial portfolios within the current government of Punjab which was formed by Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. Lahore Park View City is one of the most advanced housing schemes of the region that was commissioned as a housing society back in 2007. Since 2007, the Lahore PVC was commonly referred to as the Park View Villas Lahore. The society enjoyed one of the best infrastructural development and landscaping that the Defense Housing Authority merged part of the Park View Villas as its sub-sector of DHA Phase 8 Lahore. The Lahore Park View Villas has been rebranded to Lahore PVC after the developers were able to acquire further land area in the vicinity and proper approvals from the Lahore Development Authority.

Park View City Lahore Developers and Owners

Lahore Park View City is owned by the Vision Group, one of the greatest well-trained real estate groups, build this modern-day housing initiative. Mr. Aleem Khan, the founder of Vision Group, is also a well-known politician. Vision Group’s mission is to incorporate modern technology, infrastructure, and design in order to create a society that shines out among the other societies. Vision Group was founded in 2012 and has completed numerous projects with great success. It has grown to become a reputable real estate company in Pakistan, and investors regard it as such. Park View Lahore is an outstanding housing project after Park View City Islamabad in the capital city that strives for ceiling heights. Park View City Lahore Developers and Owners wants to create a high living standard in their property by incorporating modern functionality. Park View City, a cutting-edge development in Lahore, is being built by Vision Group and is projected to be in great demand from both investors and residents. Park View City in Lahore will have a gorgeous aesthetic, an accessible location, and ecologically beneficial design elements for its residents.

Lahore Park View City Location and Map

Real estate is one of the business sectors that is driven by some crucial points. For instance, in terms of property buying, location is one of the most important factors. In fact, most real estate experts define a location as one of the only factors that have the capacity to make or break the future valuation of the property. The Lahore PVC is a location wonder! Although there are many real estate projects located around this housing society, none of these housing schemes enjoys a location advantage like that of Lahore Park View City. The main access of Lahore PVC is from the Lahore – Multan road. The housing scheme is located near the Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange of the Lahore – Islamabad – Multan Road interchange. Apart from this, other famous and posh housing schemes such as DHA, Eden Gardens, and EME Housing Scheme lie in the proximity of this housing society. The great location of Lahore PVC Park View City gives great access to the rest of the urban hubs of Lahore. Since the society is located on the main Multan road Lahore, the access to Lahore city centers such as Samanabad, Township, and central Lahore is easy through the GT Road as well as the residents will be able to leverage the Lahore – Islamabad motorway interchange at Thokar Niaz Baig to access the Lahore Ring Road, Lahore International Airport, and other urban sectors of the city such as Muhafiz town, Valencia, Wapda Town, Faisal Town, and Bahria Town Lahore. Lahore Park View City is spread over an area of 4000 Kanals. According to the developers of this housing scheme, the further area has been acquired and will be added to the Lahore PVC masterplan as soon as the approval is granted by Lahore Development Authority. As per the real estate specialists and veteran real estate investors of Lahore, Lahore Park View City presents a unique investment opportunity for the investors since the housing society is not just on the papers and is 75% developed already. The fact that Lahore Park View City already has a population and residents, makes it one of the most investable real estate in the entire city.


Park View City Lahore NOC

Park View City Lahore is totally legal community that has attracted over 7000 families after acquiring a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Park View City Lahore investments are both secure and rewarding as the society became legally established. Park View Lahore is a fully permitted residential development with a NOC and LDA clearance.

Lahore Park View City Installment and Payment Plan

Lahore Park View City currently spans over a region of 4000 Kanals. According to the developers of Lahore PVC, more land has been acquired and it will be formally added to the current land area of the housing scheme after approval from the authorities and land regulators of the region. As per the developers, the following are the current prices of the plots in Lahore Park View City:

3.5 Marla Plots in Lahore Park View City Orchard Block:

There are a limited 3.5 Marla plots available in the orchard block of Lahore PVC. The 3.5 marla plot price in Lahore PVC is one of the most affordable in the entire area. The total price of 3.5 marlas Lahore PVC plot is PKR 3 Million. The booking starts from a 20% down payment while the rest of the payment can be paid in equal monthly installments of 80,000 PKR over the span of 30 months. The 20% down payment means that to book a plot, you will just need to pay PKR 600,000 at first. After you give the down payment, your 3.5 marla plot in the orchard block of Lahore Park View City will be booked. The orchard block of Lahore PVC is one of the finest executive sectors of the housing schemes. All civic amenities are available in this block and you will be able to start constructing your home on your plot once the possession is announced by the developers for this block.

5 and 10 Marla Plots in Lahore Park View City Diamond Block:

The Diamond Block of Lahore Park View City is one of the most sought-after subsectors of the housing scheme. This is due to the fact that most of the block is already developed and all the civic amenities are already present in this block. According to the developers of Lahore PVC, the diamond block is one of the most advanced and futuristic blocks of the entire housing scheme. The price of 5 Marla Plot in the Lahore PVC Diamond Block is PKR 4.5 million. As per the developer’s standard operating procedure, the investors or future homeowners can pay a 25% down payment to book their 5 marla plots in the diamond block. The rest of the payments can be done in equal monthly installments spanned over a period of 30 months. The 10 Marla plots in the Lahore Park View City’s Diamond Block are priced at 7.5 Million PKR. If you are interested in buying a 10 Marla plot in Lahore PVC, then you will have to pay a down payment of 25%. The rest of the payment will be divided into equal monthly or quarterly installments as per your convenience. One thing to note here is the fact that the plot prices in Lahore PVC are the lowest in the immediate neighborhood. The plot prices in EME society Lahore and Bahria Town Lahore are at least 30% higher than the prices in Lahore PVC. Also, Lahore Park View City is one of the only housing schemes in the entire area that is still giving out plots on installments. Therefore, this is a great chance for those looking to invest in Lahore without breaking the bank.

You will be able to find the complete details of the payment plan at the end of this write-up.

Lahore Park View City Booking Process

Deal & Deals is a full-scale real estate agency and sales partner of Lahore Park View City. When a booking is made through Deal & Deals, it is easy, and you will get exclusive discounts on booking. To book your plot in Lahore Park View City, the following is the process of doing it through Deal & Deals:

Please note that currently, the following plots in Lahore Park View City are available exclusively through Deal & Deals

  1. 5 Marla plots in Orchard Block
  2. 5 Marla Plots in Diamond Block
  3. 10 Marla Plots in Diamond Block
  4. Complete resale inventory of Lahore Park View City Gold Block

Park View City Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lahore Park View City located?

The Lahore Park View City is located on the main Multan Road of Lahore. The housing scheme enjoys one of the most prime locations when compared to its immediate neighborhood. The Park View City Lahore is only 6 KM from the main Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange. This makes access to various parts of Lahore easy. Also, the society lies near to EME housing scheme as well as other posh areas such as Faisal Town, Valencia, and Bahria Town Lahore


What are the payment plan and installment details of Lahore Park View City?

There are limited plots available for booking in Lahore PVC. The plot sizes start from 3.5 Marla and go up to 2 Kanals. The booking in Lahore PVC starts at a 25% down-payment with the rest of the installments divided over a period of about 2.5 to 3 years. For more details, please check the payments plan provided above and get in touch with Deal & Deals.

How can I book a plot in Lahore Park View City?

Booking a plot in Lahore PVC is easy when done through Deal & Deals (Pvt) Ltd. Deal & Deals is a full-scale real estate marketing organization that is one of the only platinum sales partners of PVC Lahore. This means that when you book a plot in Lahore PVC through Deal & Deals, then you will not only get it done quickly but will also be able to enjoy exclusively discounted prices. Get in touch with Deal & Deals today to book your plot in Lahore PVC.

Who is the developer of Park View City Lahore?

Park View City Lahore is a wholly-owned and managed real estate residential project of the Vision Group. The Vision Group is one of the largest real estate conglomerates in Pakistan. The group is headed by Mr. Aleem Khan who is a seasoned politician and a well-established real estate tycoon of Pakistan. The Vision Group is one of the most reputed real estate organizations in Pakistan and has delivered myriad real estate projects in various cities of the country.

What is the Investment potential of Lahore Park View City for profits & returns?

The Lahore PVC can be counted as one of the most profitable real estate projects of the entire region. The good thing about Lahore PVC is its development. The housing scheme is already 80-90% developed with almost 7000+ families calling it home. The real estate investment potential is huge in this project and early investors have already reaped a lot of profit on their investments.

What is the possession time of plots in Lahore Park View City?

As most of the housing scheme is already developed and populated, the time to possession will be months if not days. However, if the owners and developers of the housing scheme have acquired more area in the immediate vicinity to extend the current scheme, then it will take almost a year to become possession-ready.

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